Our main venue for residentials for schools in Sussex is Blackland Farm, located just south of East Grinstead, about 10 miles east of Gatwick Airport.



Camping is a fantastically rewarding experience in itself, and as a part of a residential trip it is invaluable. There is no substitute for sleeping under canvas and it should be something every young person has the opportunity to do.

Usually the best months for camping residentials are between early May and early October. There’s no guarantee of perfect weather at any of these times, but really bad weather that precludes camping is very rare.

Tents are ‘Patrol’ type tents familiar to Guides and Scouts – up to six students in a tent. Tents have waterproof groundsheets.

Campsites have their own toilet blocks – separate units for boys, girls and staff. Each unit has toilets, washing cubicles with hot water and a hot shower (operated by tokens – free from TrekCo).

Teacher tents are located near to students’ tents, but can be repositioned anywhere very easily.

Meals are served in our large marquees which are located on your own campsite – you have exclusive use of your own marquee for dining and meetings. Tables and benches are provided. Food is brought in a by a meals service and caterers are all fully qualified – they can cater for almost any dietary requests. These should be forwarded to us a week ahead of your trip.


Indoor Accommodation

There is indoor accommodation at Blackland Farm but availability is limited – please call us. It is normal for summer months (and for weekends year round) to book residentials one year in advance. The usual accommodation comprises two residential buildings adjacent to one another with a small courtyard between them (Wagtail and Restrop, below).

Student accommodation is in one large dormitory in each building, so schools normally accommodate boys in one building, and girls in the other. There is another building 100m away with accommodation for 32.



Restrop is a bungalow with accommodation for 25. There is one large living/dining room with an open fireplace; a dormitory with bunk beds for 22; and a Leaders’ room for three with a wash-basin. There is also a kitchen, and a bathroom with wash-basins, toilets and a shower. The bungalow is equipped with running water, electric lighting and power, and a gas stove for cooking.


Wagtail Lodge

Wagtail Lodge is sited next to Restrop, and these are often used together by groups wishing to separate boys and girls. It has 26 bunks in the dormitory and four in the Leaders’ room. Other than not having an open fire, Wagtails has the same facilities as Restrop.


Weavers Lodge

Weavers Lodge has four dormitories with eight bunks in each, two Leaders’ rooms with en-suite bathrooms, and two separate bathrooms for the children. There are two activity rooms and a large kitchen.

Beds are bunk style, and there is no bedding – so students need a sleeping bag and pillow. There are toilets, washbasins and hot showers in each building as well as a catering kitchen from where your meals are served. There is a large dining room with tables and chairs for meals and meetings. Each building has central heating. Both buildings are lockable from the inside, but with full bar-push fire exits


The Peak District

We use several centres in the Peak District which we rent for the duration of your course. Staff and catering are supplied by ourselves.

The main centre we use for most courses is Glenbrook, near Hope in the Hope Valley. Glenbrook has accommodation in two large buildings for groups with 66 beds for students in total plus adjacent flats for teachers. There is also a campsite so we can run camping courses, DofE expeditions or use this as overflow for larger groups.


Please contact us on 01273 487509 or email for more information.


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