School Journey Insurance

The Trekking Company can’t cover pupils from any institution with travel-type insurance – normally LEAs will require you to use their own policy, so teachers will need to take out School Journey Insurance. It is your responsibility to make sure that your cover is adequate for your needs.

This type of insurance covers accidents, lost baggage, cancellation due to illness and so on and must be taken out for every trip, including day courses or less. This is usually done through the school bursar with an LEA or school policy; costs are minimal. Please remember to allow a small amount (as little as £1 per day per pupil) when costing the trip.

Should you need details such as addresses, type of activity to be undertaken etc. for the forms, please refer to your course agreement which contains all of these details.

Public Liability Insurance

We have Public Liability cover of £10 million for any one incident. We also have unlimited Employer’s Liability insurance.

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