TrekCo Bronze DofE Expeditions for Groups and Schools.

The Bronze Expedition is a two day expedition, with one night spent camping. There should be six hours minimum of activity planned each day, with at least three of these hours journeying. This replaces the old distance requirements for expeditions, but is in reality approximately the same.

The format is as described on our DofE Programmes outline page with a training programme, followed by the expedition elements.



We are able to run Bronze Expeditions in many locations, but our main area for Bronze DofE is in the Ashdown Forest area of Sussex. Here we have the advantage of:

A dedicated DofE location with classroom, training area and DofE store;

Intricate knowledge of the region;

Our own 240 acre practise area;

We are accessible to most of London and the South East – for the usually larger groups involved with Bronze expeditions, this can be very useful.

Other areas used for Bronze expeditions: The South Downs, the southern Peak District.


New Developments for Bronze Expeditions

Following a trial in 2018 and some previous changes then an update in 2023, there are now more options in place for organisers of Bronze expeditions. These are intended to enable greater participation and possibly lead to greater participation at Silver and Gold levels as a result. These are:

Greater use of indoor accommodation – whereas previously only camping was permitted, indoor accommodation can now be used.

Leader-set aim – many groups had difficulties in deciding an aim for the expedition – this can now be decided by the organiser for clarity and ease of decision.

No presentation – it was often difficult to organise a presentation after the event; this is no longer needed.

Combined Supervisor/Assessor – to ease staffing issues, these two roles need no longer be fulfilled by different people.

No Practice Expedition – this is no longer a requirement as a formal expedition. However no elements of training can be excluded, so we anticipate that most groups will continue with a version of the practice expedition as this is the best training method.

We strongly recommend completing a practise weekend –  groups will continue to implement best practice and be more likely to succeed and be safe. This does not now need to be in the same format , as a variety of training may be completed in the weekend – however this remains by far the best means of ensuring that all of the training is completed.

There is a greater likelihood of most candidates completing the Qualifying Expedition if a practise weekend is organised; and participants will be fully trained and ready, knowing what to expect from the expedition. We do not recommend omitting the practise weekend unless you have overriding reasons to do so.


Programme Costs

Guide price: £210 + vat per participant – 5 day package
£180 + vat – 4 day package


This includes:

  • One day of pre expedition training at Deers Leap, our own 230 acre area.
  • Training expedition – two days, one night
  • Qualifying Expedition – two days, one night
  • Free use of group equipment – tents, stoves, maps, compasses, emergency shelters
  • Free use of reserve equipment for individual participants where requested by the school – rucksacks, sleeping bags, waterproofs
  • Campsite fees for one night on each of the practise and qualifying expeditions


Not included:

  • Food
  • Transport
  • Insurance (other than Public Liability Cover) – but you should have cover as a DofE Participant from the DofE


Optional Extras:

  • Arrive the night before; evening meal and campsite fee, duty instructor – £15 + vat per participant



If you only need a part of the programme, please call us on 01273 487509. For example, if the group has completed training and a practice expedition and then the supervising member of staff has moved schools, you may only need the assessment.

A guide price is £45 + vat per day. There can be several combinations, so please get in touch.



1. In general participants are expected, as an inherent part of the programme, to provide their own personal equipment. We recognise that for some the purchase of this equipment would be prohibitive, and may perhaps only be used once (or have a perceived single use in the short term). To this end we provide free equipment on the understanding that it will be replaced in the event of loss or damage. Please talk to us about this as soon as possible – there may be other groups requesting this at the same time. In any event we would usually not lend equipment without prior request, as this would indicate insufficient preparation, and preparation is a key part of the expedition.

2. DofE participants are expected as a part of the programme to select and prepare their own food.

3. Insurance – we hold £10m Public Liability Insurance. School journey or travel type insurance is not included; your LEA or other body will require that insurance be taken out. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award do provide a limited accident cover for participants and leaders – please see their website’s insurance details here.

4. Kit – a DofE kit list can be found here: on the DofE website:

Please contact us to talk about your potential DofE Expedition – call 01273 487509 or email:

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