DofE Gold Expeditions are a coming of age event for many - test yourself in a challenging environment, work with your team to overcome the obstacles presented by carrying a big pack over the hills in sometimes good, sometimes bad, weather... but these are the memories you'll take away forever.
If you're up to 24 you can complete your DofE expedition anytime; the Gold Programme overall with all 5 sections of the Award takes a year, or 18 months if you haven't previously completed the Silver Award. You can undertake your Gold expedition anytime during that period, which is a minimum duration rather than a limit.

DofE Gold Expeditions - Download the pdf


Camping on your Gold expedition

Training and Instruction on your Expedition

We'll go over everything you need to know during the practise expedition - that's the idea of completing the practise. You will cover areas such as:

First Aid Basics
Emergency procedure
Cooking and Menus
Tents and site selection
Equipment selection