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    May 31st 2022


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    Why Choose TrekCo?

    Gold DofE Expedition Provider

    TrekCo are an approved activity provider (AAP) for DofE expeditions.
    When you book your expedition with TrekCo you get…

    An expedition information pack

    A full day of training before the expedition

    Help planning your route

    Supervision during your expedition

    Approved assessors for the expedition

    Essential equipment provided


    2022 Expedition Dates & Locations

    In each case, day 1 is an arrival/preparation day, and days 2-5 are expedition days.

    Dates Expedition Level Location Notes
    May 31st – June 4th Gold Practise Peak District Half term
    June 27th – July 1st Gold Practise Lake District
    July 1st – 5th Gold Qualifying Peak District
    August 17th-21st Gold Practise or Qualifying Lake District Summer
    August 22nd – 26th Gold Practise or Qualifying Lake District Summer
    August 27th – 31st Gold Practise or Qualifying Lake District Summer
    October 24th – 28th Gold Practise or Qualifying Sussex Half term

    Our Locations

    For 2022 Open Gold Expeditions

    Lake District

    Peak District

    Ashdown Forest

    South Downs

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    Approved Activites Provider

    Are You Eligible?

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      You must be aged 16 to 24.

      If you’re only coming for the qualifying expedition, we’ll need to see your evidence of having completed training and a practice expedition for Gold.

      You must be enrolled on a Gold DofE programme, have completed your initial training and have your Record book signed by your DofE organiser.

      You must be in a suitable condition physically to complete a 4 day expedition in upland countryside safely in the opinion of our instructors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What You Need To Know

    What kit do I need to bring with me?

    You can find a full list of the recommended kit on this PDF. If you have any questions about the items required, please feel free to contact us.

    What distance do I need to travel on the expedition?

    There is no longer a specific distance requirement for gold DofE expeditions. However, as an expedition participant you must travel for four hours each day and spend a further four hours working towards your DofE goals. Four hours walking normally works out to be approximately 12 miles per day, but this will vary depending on the terrain being traversed.

    Do I already need to have completed silver or bronze DofE programmes?

    No, you do not need to have completed silver or bronze level DofE programmes to embark on a gold expedition. However, you must already be enrolled on a DofE gold. If you have any questions about whether you would be eligible for this expedition, please get in contact and our team will help run through the requirements.

    I’ve already completed a training expedition, can I go straight to a qualifying expedition?

    Yes, you can progress straight to the qualifying expedition. However, if you’re only coming for the qualifying expedition, we’ll need to see your evidence of having previously completed a DofE gold training expedition.

    What happens if the expedition is cancelled due to Coronavirus restrictions?

    If a change in national government restrictions means that an expedition cannot go ahead, then we will offer you either a transfer of your deposit to a future expedition, or a full refund.

    What happens if I have to self-isolate and am not able to attend the expedition?

    If you are forced to self-isolate and you inform us ahead of time, then we will offer you either a transfer of your deposit to a future expedition, or a full refund.

    What People Say

    GCSE PE, Peak District

    Our teachers said it was a superbly run trip and your team was excellent throughout. I would like to send my thanks to you and the others for helping organise this so quickly and we are hoping to run this again with you.

    GCSE PE, Peak District

    Maxwell School, Madrid

    Our trip with TrekCo was an unforgettable experience for our pupils. The knowledge and expertise displayed by the instructors was exemplary. Even in adverse weather conditions, the team managed to deliver a safe and productive set of lessons which the pupils enjoyed. We will definitely use this company again! Highly recommended.

    Maxwell School, Madrid

    GCSE PE Trip

    Just wanted to say thanks to you both and everyone that helped with the two days we spent in Derbyshire. The kids had a really good time. You organised everything and made it really easy for us. Hoping to organise another one for next year.

    GCSE PE Trip

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    Please note, TrekCo are a third-party provider of gold level expeditions for participants who are already enrolled on the DofE programme. To enrol with DofE or to find out more, please visit