Extreme Activity Experience Birthday Parties at TrekCo

£30 per person for 3 hours

(min. group of 8)

Take part in two activities from a range at Blackland Farm with one of our experienced instructors.

Time slots:

10.00am – 1.00pm;

2.00pm – 5.00pm all year round

In summer (May-Sept) 5.00pm-8.00pm

Choose One Activity From –  

High Ropes Experience, plus one from: Tunnels, Archery , Abseiling, or Rock Scramble.

Plus One Activity from –

Archery, Abseiling, Tunnelling or Rock Scramble

Meeting at our base at Blackland Farm, our instructor will kit you out with helmets and harnesses and take you to the first of your exciting high ropes challenges. Each challenge takes around 1.5 hours for the group to complete, so the total time is 3 hours.

As all the challenges take around the same amount of time, just choose the two you prefer or call our office on 01273 487509 and ask for advice on the best ones to suit your group.

You do need to choose in advance, and everyone in your group completes the same challenges, as other activities may be booked.



What Are The Activities?

Choose One From:


Postmans Walk

Age 7 & Above

A solo element, walk the cable, holding a waist high rope for support, either by leaning forward or backwards. Once the gap has been crossed, climb higher into the trees for the return on a higher cable. Reach up to the hanging rope for help and take it along with you as far as it will go. Finally, stretch for the stationary hanging rope and jump off to finish.


Log Walk

Age 7 & Above

A solo element, climb the tree and step onto a horizontal log. Get your balance, and walk carefully along the log between two trees. Climb higher onto a platform and step onto the swinging logs. Move from one to the other, holding on tightly, before reaching out to ring the bell and stepping off to finish.


Ball Jump

Age 7 & Above

A solo element – the ultimate adrenaline rush for younger adventurers. Climb the tree to the platform and compose yourself before jumping out into space to hit the hanging ball. Jump from the induction platform first and then if you want to, progress to climbing the smaller, higher platform and really testing your minerals.


Tree Climb

Age 8 & Above

A solo element, it does exactly what it says on the tin! Climb one of the highest trees on the site by using the blocks to pull and stand on. As you get higher, use what comes naturally and make use of the branches of the tree to reach the top.


High All Aboard

Age 8 & Above

Groups of 2/3/4 teamwork element. The ultimate test of trust and teamwork. In groups of up to 4, climb the vertical pole to a small platform. Work together to get onto the top and cuddle together to fit onto the limited floor space. It’s a relief to get this far but only half of the challenge has been met. Now the climbers must hold hands and lean out backwards to balance before letting go and swinging off backwards.


Trapeze Jump (aka The Perch)

Age 11 & Above

An extreme solo element and real test of character. Climb the vertical pole and ever so carefully climb onto the top. Stand on top of the pole and focus on the trapeze hanging out in front of you before diving out and hopefully catching it with both hands. Guaranteed to get your heart racing and legs shaking, you feel great when you make it back down to the ground!


Jacobs Ladder

Age 11 & Above

As a group of 3, climb the giant ladder high up into the trees. Large beams make up the rungs of the ladder and the climbers must work together and help each other to proceed. The higher you go, the bigger the challenge, as the gaps between the giant rungs increase. A strenuous climb, reaching the top rung takes you to the highest point of all.



Plus One From:



Age 7 and above

On our specialist Archery ranges, learn the basics of how to use a bow safely and get tips on how to fire an arrow where you want it to go. Improve your skills and play some fun games at the same time. See pictures



Age 7 and above

On a purpose built tower, climb the stairs to the top and get clipped into the safety system by the instructor. Lean backwards and control your own rate of descent safe in the knowledge that the instructor has you on a back up rope at all times. Walk down slowly or bounce as your confidence grows, its up to you. You’ll feel a great sense of achievement however fast you go down. See Pictures



Age 7 and above

The purpose built tunnel system provides a completely safe way to have a genuine underground caving-type experience! The network of tunnels is big enough for anyone to get through, and complicated enough to get lost. Your instructor will set you challenges and games to make this a fun packed and highly popular session. See Pictures


Rock Scramble

Age 7 and above

Explore the rocks with your instructor, climbing up, down, through and underneath the various gaps, passageways and caves. Can you keep your feet off the ground as you traverse a narrow passage or get your whole group to balance on top of a boulder. As your teamwork grows in organisation and confidence prepare yourselves for the ‘Black Hole of Death!’ (No actual Death involved!) See Pictures


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