TrekCo is a company with vast experience in mountain activities, and this is clear in our GCSE PE Trekking courses and assessments. Edexcel’s  ‘Trekking’ is an ideal subject for GCSE PE assessments – skills are gained rapidly and are easy to evidence using videos, photographs and simple navigation, ropework and campcraft exercises. Progress in skills is rapid under the tuition of our expert, friendly qualified instructors.

GCSE PE changes – Please note that the number of activities available for GCSE PE is being cut. This applies to students being examined in summer 2018, so you can only offer Orienteering, Biking, Hillwalking and Mountain Activities up until early 2016 for Year 10, and early 2017 for Year 11 students. GCSE Climbing will continue as normal, but will be the only GCSE PE subject we offer from early 2017 onwards.

This activity is the Edexcel version of this activity; if you use OCR the subject is ‘Hill Walking and Campcraft’. AQA is ‘Mountain Activities’. They are broadly similar, but are assessed to different criteria and include different skills.

Trekking requires journeys to be undertaken in two separate locations, with students completing a practice and then an assessed trek. Groups must be of 4-7, and 24km of walking must be completed as well as an overnight camp. You may well recognise these criteria to be extremely similar to Bronze DofE expeditions. Thus, Edexcel Trekking does require two trips and can’t be completed in a short residential so please factor that in to your planning.

The best location for this is the Peak District or Lake District, where we can organise a GCSE trip for you for any number of students. This activity is best combined with either climbing, mountain biking or orienteering to make a full residential with two activities. TrekCo can also offer this in other mountain areas such as North Wales.

TrekCo supply all group equipment like tents, maps and stoves; with our large stores of equipment for DofE and other expeditions we have everything you need at no extra cost.

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