The situation with CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks for people working with children has changed with the new government, and this will affect staff working for outdoor companies.
What was going to happen this year was that instructors could register for the new ISA (Independent Safeguarding Authority) and get a card proving they were on the ISA database. It would require a CRB check to get onto this scheme, but once done it saved people from getting a new CRB check every time they applied for a job. A good idea.

However, now the new government has called a halt to review the situation. This is especially because of the problems of asking everybody, particularly volunteers and even friends of the family, to pay to get checked.

Therefore things for the moment will carry on as normal – i.e. all staff are CRB checked. However the rules did change a couple of years ago to allow some portability of CRB checks – so for example, a freelance instructor working for 6 different companies doesn’t have to have 6 checks but can show the original of a recent check to a new employer.

Rest assured all TrekCo staff are CRB checked as ever, but as there’s some confusion over the new scheme we thought we’d clarify it here.

We are registered with Atlantic Data (as are Kent County Council, Girlguiding UK and many others), and received this today:


Atlantic Data has now received official notification from the CRB that registration with the Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS) has been halted to allow the government to remodel the scheme back to proportionate, commonsense levels.

Voluntary registration with the VBS for new employees and job-movers working or volunteering with children and vulnerable adults was due to start on 26 July.

This registration has now been stopped.

Although the full details and scope of the government’s remodel is still to be finalised:

  • it is business as usual for the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB);
  • the elements of the VBS put in place back in October 2009 continue; and
  • existing requirements concerning CRB will remain in place, and those entitled to such checks can continue to apply for them.

Atlantic Data will make further, relevant communications to keep customers informed and up to date on matters relating to the Vetting and Barring Scheme.