How to book an expedition

Just call us on 01273 487509 for an initial discussion, or email:

Who organises the expeditions?

Initially the trip is booked with the office who have to co-ordinate all trips, as TrekCo run many school days and residentials including DofE Expeditions.

Once the trip is agreed in outline, organisation is handed to Bruce Lee, our Head of DofE – contact him at:

Do we have to send teachers with DofE expeditions?

In theory, you don’t from the DofE viewpoint – because expeditions are unaccompanied – participants must travel on their own and must not be accompanied by an adult. This is an important part of the ethos of the DofE.

Clearly this approach is diametrically opposed to what happens on most school visits. It can also be at odds with the thinking and/or regulations of some LEAs, schools and Governors. Therefore schools do send teaching staff, who are there in the background ready to deal with pastoral issues. Teaching staff may also not camp with the students.

The normal approach is for teachers to bring the group, often in the school minibus, and hand over the organisation to us whilst taking an interest in the organisation. Teachers are kept informed of the group’s progress, but do not walk with the group. Sometimes teachers help by manning checkpoints or performing other tasks.

Do we know where the participants are?

In common with some other providers, we use GPS tracking devices to monitor progress of expeditions when in upland areas like the Peak District and Lake District. However these are not perfect, and are no substitute for ‘boots on the ground’.

We don’t use these in Sussex in general because of the easy terrain and relative safety of the area, and from experience groups don’t tend to get as thoroughly lost and late in Sussex as elsewhere.

Do you have Risk Assessments for DofE Expeditions?

Yes, here they are: DofE Risk Assessment Document – we also have general Risk Assessments for all activities in the ‘Teacher Information‘ section for school trips on this website.

When does our expedition start/finish?

We usually start on the morning of Day 1 – however, if you wish to travel the evening before we can book a campsite for you and meet you. There is a standard cost for this of £15 + vat per person. We don’t provide meals, but DofE participants will be cooking during the expedition so can use the opportunity to practise!

Please be flexible at the end of your expedition. You might be in the Lake District and keen to return to London as soon as possible, but if Group 3 gets lost and is 4 hours late, then… they’re 4 hours late.