The DofE have come up with a set of rule changes which allows for considerable flexibility with expeditions for this year – see:

These changes apply until the end of 2022.

The most relevant changes for expeditions in brief:

More expeditions, at a different time of year

If social distancing rules are in place until much later this year, we know we may need to support LOs to run expeditions in a much reduced timeframe, to support 2020’s new cohort of participants and those young people whose expeditions have been delayed. This is likely to be outside the ‘usual’ expedition season – although it’s worth noting that DofE expeditions can always be run at any point of the year.

To reflect these circumstances, we’ll enable some rule changes:

– As we’ve already announced, Expedition Assessors for Silver and Gold level can temporarily be known to the group.

– We’ll relax the rules around recommended environments, so participants don’t have to leave their local area to complete an expedition – for example, Gold expeditions would be able to take place outside of wild country.

– At Silver and Gold level, practice expeditions and qualifying expeditions can be delivered ‘back to back’.

We’ll also provide practical support to help LOs deliver expeditions, including guidance to help them run expeditions over the winter, reflecting the need to accommodate reduced daylight and colder weather.

We’re also considering how we can help LOs and Approved Activity Providers (AAPs) find suitable indoor accommodation for their expeditions.

Gold DofE Expeditioons

Assessing can be chilly in the winter…

Helping participants who can’t do an expedition this year, but wish to progress to the next level

For those participants who simply won’t have the chance to complete an expedition this year and want to progress from Bronze to Silver, we’ll introduce two temporary rule changes (please note this won’t apply to those moving from Silver to Gold):  

– At Bronze level, participants who have completed their Skills, Physical and Volunteering sections – achieving the 2020 DofE Certificate of Achievement – and progress to Silver, will be treated as if they have completed the previous Award level. This means they’ll only have to complete six months of activity, not 12. 

– Participants who do this will be able to use their Silver practice expedition as their qualifying expedition at Bronzeenabling them to achieve both their Bronze and Silver Awards.