DofE expeditions have been happening this year, and the DofE have made changes to their conditions in order to facilitate completing expeditions during the Covid era.

To that end, we have been monitoring the news and are in touch with the DofE, our insurers, schools and education authorities to ensure that our DofE policies are in line with whatever regulations are in place at the time.. 

The DofE information about rule changes from their website:

Expedition Flexibilities 

Over the past year we have worked tirelessly to facilitate as swift a return to delivery for all stakeholders as possible. To aid in this we’ve made a number of temporary rule changes to the Expedition section. These changes will help LOs and AAPs to run expeditions to support new cohorts of participants and those young people whose expeditions have been delayed. A summary of these changes can be found here  

Full details can also be viewed here  

Please note that, even if Government restrictions are entirely removed, all temporary flexibilities are in place till 31 December 2022. 

Clearly we will stay in touch with everyone who has booked; please remember that we have a special ‘Covid proof’ policy for bookings this autumn – if you have to change or cancel for any Covid-19 related reason, you’ll get a full refund or free postponement without question – all you have to do is let us know in advance of your expedition. There are no ‘administration fees’ or catches.

Camping on your Gold DofE

We will at all times follow the Government guidelines and make it clear what these are, and in addition put into place extra measures – Government advice may not be as detailed as, for example, how to use maps and compasses on an expedition, so we will take that into account – just as you’d expect.

Our measures will include:

  • A tent for each participant. You won’t be asked to carry a whole tent when normally you may have carried only a part of one each, but will carry something. The extra tents will be delivered to the campsite. This is acceptable to the DofE and is permitted under the current circumstances.
  • Each participant will have their own map and compass
  • Each participant will have their own cooking gear and will cook their own food – again where this results in a disadvantage because food can’t be split, we will help with transportation
  • We will supply masks and hand sanitiser for any periods where people may be together (you won’t need to wear these whilst walking!)
  • Staff will stay a safe distance away and participants will be supervised for distancing – social distancing will be considered and applied in every situation
  • All expedition equipment will be quarantined for 72 hours after use

To book your Open Gold DofE expedition with us in The Lake District, Peak District or Sussex (Sussex 2021 and 2022 only)
call us on 01273 487509

Navigating on your Gold DofE