OFSTED, as you may know, are looking at Character Education in schools and as we have seen many times in the past, outdoor experiences are perfect for developing character and resilience in young people.

In OFSTED's November 2019 guidance, they discuss the duty of schools to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and prepare them for future life. Character and personal development are strongly emphasised.

In our opinion, school trips and outdoor eduction specifically can play a huge part in character development - just look at the Duke of Edinburgh's Award for example. The scheme has expanded enormously in recent years, in part because universities and employers recognised that completion of a DofE award was an indication of a wider background to a person - you need to display resilience and perseverance if you are to complete every section of the Award.

Any teacher who has been involved in outdoor trips will tell you that they see the pupils' characters change visibly in days - don't take our word for it, ask around! 

We place great emphasis on developing the character of students at TrekCo and welcome any enquiries about courses designed specifically around character development objectives. TrekCo is run by two ex-teachers and we're abel to match our provision to what you're looking for - give us a call anytime on 01273 487509 or email Paul Morley, Schools Director.

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