TrekCo have many high ropes activities at Blackland Farm in Sussex – jump from platforms, clamber on to a tiny ledge, tightrope across the heights between the trees and jump for your life!



Jacob’s Ladder

Climb the ladder as a pair or three people – you’ll need to help each other up as the rungs get further apart the higher you go!

The Log Walk

Climb into the trees, up one level and across a suspended log – then up again and traverse the higher logs until you can ring the bell!

High All Aboard

Four at a time climb high onto a tiny platform – you have to help each other up and work as a team – then all lean out…!

Ball Jump

Climb high up a tree on to a tiny platform then.. leap out into space to see if you can touch the ball!


Ninja Climb

The Ninja Climb has a climbing wall, cargo net and miniature Jacob’s Ladder – use all the different ways to get to the top!