Here is some of the feedback about us over the years. Hopefully you will have positive comments and feedback too!

Tony Robbins organisation ( event August 2012:

‘Hi Steve.. I can’t tell you how much your professionalism and your outstanding team helped us make this activity day a success!’

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say thanks again for a great weekend… we were talking about it today in the office and we all agreed we had a fantastic time! I think it made some of our colleagues very jealous…

Till the next adventure, ***

Training Team Coordinator

I just wanted to say, having been here for 6 years, that it was the most enjoyable TL day out I have had, I did things I never in a million years thought I was capable of and had a fantastic team to help and support me.
Thanks to you and all of your team for making it such a great day
Kind Regards
It was good to mix with colleagues in a different setting and our group certainly found the day very enjoyable. From a team building point of view the activities brought us together and pushed individuals to stretch themselves> Personally, I picked up that within a team of ‘leaders’ it’s sometimes difficult to have a single plan when under pressure as everyone has confidence in their own judgement. It’s something I’m more aware of now and will bring this into my own management style.
Account Manager
Thanks once again for the effort put in to organise a really worthwhile 2 days for the Operation earlier this week.
Really enjoyed the tasks, but more so the camaraderie between staff. Thoroughly productive and something which was enjoyed by all.
Personal fears and barriers were addressed and in the main overcome. So for me it was a great achievement and effort to participate in very challenge we faced.
Thanks for your support and camaraderie throughout each of the tasks, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Thanks again,
Call Centre Manager
I am sure I’m just echoing everyone else’s comments here but here we go anyway.
The away day was an absolutely brilliant day, it was great to work collaborative with people in the business that you do not normally work with and really build cross campaign relationships.
Even for those who did not get much out of the day with regards to lessons learnt that they can bring back to the office, I think it was superb to get away from the office for a day and so some fun activities. People are still talking about it now and I am sure they will be for weeks to come which just shows that it is still engaging us with people we would not normally deal with closely which is still continuing to grow relationships>
I personally found the whole day a pleasure, and extremely rewarding. For me confidence is my Achilles heel so to break down barriers such as scaling heights and abseiling has given me a new lease of confidence which has already shown to be transferred across to the workplace. Even the simple act of just meeting and interacting with new people is something that I usually find difficult so I gained confidence from that too.
It really served to make me feel like part of a a team, something which has always lacked at **** compared to all other jobs I’ve had. Everybody I’ve spoken to has only spoken positively about the day so it must have been a success. I also feel lucky to have been in a brilliant team who even though we all do not work together, were all more than willing to cheer everybody on, despite such adversity. In conclusion, it was a fantastic experience that I will take what I can from.
I hope that more things like this come along!
K, Account Executive