GCSE PE students can be assessed in their outdoor activities at TrekCo in an easy to manage format for teachers. This can be achieved either with a residential experience of 3 or 4 days covering two activities, or a one day visit in some cases for an activity.

TrekCo run courses and modules in these activities which fulfil examination board requirements:

  • Climbing
  • Orienteering
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hill Walking and Campcraft (OCR)
  • Mountain Activities (AQA)

GCSE PE changes – Please note that the number of activities available for GCSE PE is being cut. This applies to students being examined in summer 2018, so you can only offer Orienteering, Biking, Hillwalking and Mountain Activities up until early 2016 for Year 10, and early 2017 for Year 11 students. GCSE Climbing will continue as normal, but will be the only GCSE PE subject we offer from early 2017 onwards.

Courses can include camping or indoor accommodation, and are available all year round. You can choose your course length according to what you need to achieve in the time available – it is typical to complete the assessment for one activity within your stay at TrekCo.

Costs – we’ll quote for your exact requirements, but allow approximately, per day per person (vat is normally reclaimable) including food and accommodation :


Prices per day from:

  • Low season: £49 + vat (October – February)
  • Mid season: £55 + vat (March, April)
  • High Season: £60 + vat (May – September)

Day courses:

  • Low / Mid season: £40-45 + vat
  • High season: £50 + vat

These prices are a just guideline to help with your planning! Give us a call on 01273 487509 for a chat about the options, or email: info@trekco.com

Mountain Biking

At TrekCo’s own 230 acre mountain bike park, Deers Leap, we can assess GCSE PE students in one day. Teachers are free to record evidence as we train and assess students in mountain biking. Students wear bibs for easy identification in video and photo evidence. This day is a low cost option and achieves all of you aims in one straightforward trip at any time of the year.