Orienteering is a great sport for GCSE PE – combining physical activity with a great deal of skill in map reading and interpretation, tactics and outdoor awareness. TrekCo organise GCSE PE courses and assessments in orienteering at our bases in Sussex and the Peak District, where we have a variety of graded orienteering courses  suitable for GCSE. Evidence for GCSE Orienteering, whether for AQA, Edexcel or OCR, can be gained from a mixture of video and photographic evidence together with score cards from the orienteering course.

GCSE PE changes – Please note that the number of activities available for GCSE PE is being cut. This applies to students being examined in summer 2018, so you can only offer Orienteering, Biking, Hillwalking and Mountain Activities up until early 2016 for Year 10, and early 2017 for Year 11 students. GCSE Climbing will continue as normal, but will be the only GCSE PE subject we offer from early 2017 onwards.

To find out more about GCSE PE Orienteering with TrekcCo contact us.

GCSE PE Orienteering Gallery