We structure our GCSE PE Edexcel course to your needs and make sure that we cover everything you need in the Edexcel GCSE PE Specifications. At TrekCo we are very aware, as ex-teachers, of the need to optimise the course in order that students may make as much progress as possible in the time available in order to have the best chance to gain good grades.

Delivering an assessment course

The Edexcel GCSE PE Specifications for Rock Climbing say that climbing can be assessed inside or outside. This could be a mixture of both over the course of a trip; or if the weather were especially bad on an outdoor course, it could be changed at short notice by moving in to a wall and assessing the same techniques. At TrekCo we usually run traditional outdoor climbing courses.

The required skills are straightforward to teach and for teachers to take video evidence of. At TrekCo we will set up video scenarios so that you are able to show that these techniques have been learned and demonstrated by students. Some of the skills aren’t specific – for example ‘ropework’ which is a general term – however our instructors are very experienced and will ensure that the most important elements are focussed on – for example belaying, tying in correctly and so on.


GCSE PE Edexcel Criteria

Edexcel give the guidance that there should be ‘up to 12 hours’ of delivery for each activity; this can be covered in two days – either as a residential or two day trips. Marks are awarded out of 35 for each activity, and these are amalgamated to give a mark out of 70 for their two chosen activities.


TrekCo have bibs available for students; you may choose to use your own of course. We will also supply all specialist equipment connected with climbing . When taking part in an assessment teachers need only bring video cameras and the students’ medical forms.

At the time of writing we refer to the Specifications for 2016, found at: http://qualifications.pearson.com/content/dam/pdf/GCSE/Physical%20Education/2016/Specification%20and%20sample%20assessments/GCSE-physical-education-2016-specification.pdf  and also the 2017 new draft specifications, found at: http://qualifications.pearson.com/content/dam/pdf/GCSE/Physical%20Education/2016/Specification%20and%20sample%20assessments/Specification_GCSE_L1-L2_in_Physical_Education_(Short_Course).pdf


General information about our GCSE PE Climbing courses can be found at: GCSE PE Climbing in Sussex and the Peak District

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