At TrekCo we organise mountain biking as one of our activities for GCSE courses for AQA, Edexcel and OCR GCSE PE. The skills gained in mountain biking courses can be evidenced and assessed very easily and this makes mountain biking an excellent choice for a GCSE assessment. One of the main hurdles for schools in training and assessing mountain biking for GCSE PE is the lack of bike availability. At TrekCo we have our own fleet of bikes which are based at our 230 acre mountain bike park in Sussex, Deers Leap, and can easily be transported to a GCSE PE course in the Peak District.

GCSE PE changes – Please note that the number of activities available for GCSE PE is being cut. This applies to students being examined in summer 2018, so you can only offer Orienteering, Biking, Hillwalking and Mountain Activities up until early 2016 for Year 10, and early 2017 for Year 11 students. GCSE Climbing will continue as normal, but will be the only GCSE PE subject we offer from early 2017 onwards.

TrekCo GCSE PE courses aim to take the work away from teaching staff – we will organise everything but teaching staff have input into the assessment in terms of knowledge of the students and gathering video evidence. The assessment is a collaborative process between the teaching staff and TrekCo’s qualified and experienced mountain bike instructors.

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