Initial Enquiries and Booking your DofE Expedition

  • To ask about an expedition and whether there are still spaces on our DofE Expeditions, call our office on 01273 487509. You can discuss the expedition and the DofE and ask any initial questions you may have at this stage.
  • When you decide you want to commit to an expedition, please fill in the booking form and send it in with a £100 deposit (or if you prefer to pay by card, send in the form by post, and telephone to pay your deposit).
  • Download the DofE Expedition Booking Form here: Open Application Form
  • Download the Medical Form here: D of E Medical Form
  • We will send you an Information Pack telling you all you need to know about your DofE expedition. This will also include a questionnaire which we will ask you to send back to us about your experience, training, kit etc., and a Medical Form.

Terms and Conditions (The Small Print)

There are inevitably a lot of terms and conditions, to safeguard you as well as us. Please make sure you read these carefully, as you will need to sign them. These will be on your application form. If you are under 18 on the date you apply, your Parent/Carer will need to sign on your behalf.

What preconditions do I have to meet?

  • You must be aged 16 to 24
  • If you’re only coming for the Qualifying Expedition, we’ll need to see your evidence of having completed training and a DofE Training Expedition for Gold.
  • You must be enrolled on a Gold DofE programme, have completed your initial training and have your DofE Record Book signed by your DofE Organiser.
  • You must be in a suitable condition physically to complete a 4 day expedition in upland countryside safely in the opinion of our instructors.
  • What do I have to do in Preparation?

You need to check that this Expedition is acceptable to your Operating Authority and to inform them of the details. You can’t do this
afterwards, so be sure to contact them well before the Expedition. We cannot be responsible if you complete the Expedition with us but it is not signed off by your Organiser or Authority.

You will need to get to the expedition location. We will provide the location of the expedition base in your Joining Details; if arriving by train we will normally meet you if possible.

You will need to provide your own food – however, due to the nature of Open Expeditions, in practice this often means planning and buying food on the Preparation or Training Days once you arrive – so bring enough cash for this. Bring your Record Book with you to show evidence of what you have achieved so far, and for it to be signed.

You will need to prepare the kit on your kit list. If you don’t have an item and wish to borrow it from us, let us know – but don’t leave it too late; we need to know at least two weeks ahead so we can put it aside for you. There is no charge for normal equipment items – but remember that this is not a substitute for having your own kit – which you should generally have at Gold level.

What if not enough people sign up for the Expedition?

If fewer than 6 people sign up, we will let you know one month before the expedition. You will have the option of a full refund, or transfer to another expedition if the dates suit you.